Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello again, everyone!

I'm up late working on an experimental animation, waiting for some stuff to render, so I figured I'd take a break to update you all on my latest adventures! The experimental is turning out to be quite fun - it'll be done for my grade soon, but I'd still like to put some tweaks on it for my personal liking, so look for it at a later date!

In the mean time, here's my entry for Savanijam! The Contemporary Animation Society here at SCAD holds a competition every year. The goal - make an animation in 24 hours or less, using a provided theme as inspiration. 3D animations could use pre-made rigs, but 2D animations had to be done from scratch. To add to the challenge, we weren't allowed to leave Montgomery Hall until our animations were complete and submitted! It was a great deal of fun, and although it threw off my sleep schedule a bit, I'm glad I participated!

So what was this mystery prompt word, you ask? "'Pees'." Yes, we quirked our eyebrows too. "... Um... Pees? Like, 'peace' on earth? Or a 'piece' of pie?" The response, essentially, "Yes!"

Concept, animation and design by yours truly - the voice and sound recording was done by my good friend, Drew Soman! It won honorable mention for biggest laugh! =)

Until next time! Adieu!


Jen Cram