Friday, April 30, 2010

Amusement of the Day

My sister, texting from campus:
"I'm starving."
Me: "Eat a freshman. =)"
Sis: "Mmm, yes. They're so tender. Gotta get em before Spring finals, though, they get tougher going into sophomore year."
Sis: "There is a couple behind me who obviously hooked up over their mutual love for kicking the chair in front of them. I'm going to eat them."

In other news - more art is on the way. Scanner-computer-internet situation is a little complicated, but will hopefully be rectified soon with the purchase of a new computer! Looking at Apple's latest generation of Mac Pro desktops. I'm fluent with both Macs and PCs, but definitely prefer the former - even though they do cost an arm and a leg. Macs just function more smoothly, in my experience.

I'm working on a traditional animation lip-synch test. Hopefully it'll turn into some solid stuff with my neglected characters. Also - lip-synch animation means making funny faces in a mirror all day. I'm loving it.

Finally - a trip to the dentist yielded me a commission. She'd like a humorous piece to hang in her lobby that both adults and children can relate to. Interested in Norman Rockwell-ish content, but not style. Other than that, it's open. Should be a fun one. I'll post sketches soon.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello again, guys!

So, it's official! I've applied to SCAD's Animation MFA, and internships at Blue Sky (visual development) and Pixar (art and animation). Wish me luck!

What now? Well, I guess I should apply for some actual JOBS. Also, continual development of portfolio/reel/ability, ha ha.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I submitted. It went out in various formats to the various places, but these are the basics.

I'm gonna try to get all of my animation reel stuff up on YouTube to share with you soon, too.


Jen Cram

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleasel the Weasel

Introducing Sleasel the Weasel! (And Jen Cram as a modeler/rigger, ha ha.)

Sleasel is best friend and worst enemy to Funk Skunk, the lead character of my main animation endeavor lately (more on that later). He's a sweet, well-meaning guy, but somehow always manages to cramp Funk Skunk's style and throw awkward wrenches into situations. Still, his happy-go-luckiness and winning-but-goofy smile always manage to patch things up.

Here's my second attempt at rigging a character - the first time I've tackled things like spline IKs, controls and stretchiness expressions (and expressions at all, for that matter).

I'll post some character sketches for Sleasel in a bit - I'm just a bit giddy about how this turned out. =}