Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello again, guys!

So, it's official! I've applied to SCAD's Animation MFA, and internships at Blue Sky (visual development) and Pixar (art and animation). Wish me luck!

What now? Well, I guess I should apply for some actual JOBS. Also, continual development of portfolio/reel/ability, ha ha.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I submitted. It went out in various formats to the various places, but these are the basics.

I'm gonna try to get all of my animation reel stuff up on YouTube to share with you soon, too.


Jen Cram


  1. Good Work Jen! This stuff looks great! Wish you the best with the animation MFA.

  2. Hahahah the inch worm! I love the inch worm movement, they make me happy! The sketches are really lovely, as always I like the fish and bear, and the character designs for all three from the Funk Skunk universe are well-resolved. What kind of requirements did they have for the SCADanimation portfolio anyway? I would like to knoow...I could look it up.

    Best of luck Jen-love!!!