Sunday, May 29, 2011

5-29-11: Shameful!

Absolutely shameful, this lack of updates! My apologies, dear friends - but there will be a bit of work to show you, after this quarter! Huzzah! And soon, daily posts! I usually do at least one small sketch a day (and plenty of blogging on Facebook, eh heh), so why not share them here?

We're in the middle of finals, now, and the crunch is totally felt. Drawing in Motion has been great so far - plenty of life drawing with an emphasis on putting the figure in an emotional context. Fun stuff! I can feel my life drawing skills improving! I'm working on the final for it now.

Did this quick sketch of Ursula to warm up this morning - found the reference here:

Ursula is, of course, the property of Disney.

Ciao, belli!

~ Jen

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