Sunday, November 20, 2011

11-20-11: Latest Work!

Hello again, friends! It's time for another animation update! Here's my latest stuff! Not quite a demo reel yet - but I'm excited to take my first dialogue class next quarter!

Please bear with me! I've been enamored at CTNx all weekend - I'll get the shot breakdown uploaded as soon as I've gotten a bit of sleep! For now, suffice to say I am responsible for all character animation on here!

edit - here's an overdue shot breakdown!

1, 2, 3, 4 - Dog: I am responsible for the character animation. Rig by Javier Solsona, obtained from
5 - "AMUs": I am responsible for the character animation. Done for Alexander Curtis's film, Hephaestus.
6 - Frog: I am responsible for character animation. Character design by SCAD Professor, John Webber.
7 - Shaman: I am responsible for character animation, clean-up and ink. Done for Nate Swinehart's film, Rain Dance.


  1. Really nice animation with the dog! Did you design and built the rig for it?

  2. Thanks, Matt! Glad you like him! It was really fun to do a quadruped.

    Kevin - I've finally updated with that info for you! No, I didn't design or build the dog rig. But it was fun to play with! Definitely check it out - and remember to play with the fk/ik and world spacing switches for the head. They make it worlds easier to work with, depending on your shot!

  3. Your animation has improved sooo much this quarter! Keep it up, lady!

  4. Aw, thank you Lane! I'll do my best! :)